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Drop/delete test data from KNX_LINE27

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Drop/delete test data from KNX_LINE27


Beitrag von BMaat »

Hi all, sorry form my German is far from perfect so I can not translate this question well enough to know what to search for. But I do see a lot of useful information here.
My question is: How do I remove specific GA (Group Address) data from the past till now, or another date? Or can I remove all data so I can start over?

For some understanding of the situation, I received my Timberwolf 950q 3 days ago and I have been logging some GA's over the past 2 days. Now I see that I can get a lot more out of my KNX I needed to reorganise some GA's and have reused some old GA's for some complete use. For instance my old power consumption counter GA (values over a million) is now used for actual Watt used... graphs of the past hour work great, but not so much for the past 3 hours or week... And I would not like to keep having no insight when I use the year..

I hope you see my issue and can point me in the right direction.


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Beitrag von Robosoc »

I am afraid there is no way then put the TWS in factory condition.

I myself would be very interested in that feature as I have tons of GA"s out of the beta phase where I don't even have a clue where they are coming from. And we requested a feature once to delete GA's and there history in the data base, but it is not yet implemented.
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Beitrag von gbglace »

To reduce the problem in the future you can add to each KNX-Objekt in TWS a specific Timeseries. TS you can delete and they can be used in grafana.
But for the history of the KNX-monitor currently there is no option to delete.
I think the next step will be a setup of a non endles memory bus monitor but as long as all SD cards sold are not running out of memory, there is no need to make a cut after x million telegrams or after x years.

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Beitrag von StefanW »

Hi, Bastian,

a warm welcome here and to write in English is no problem.

I'm glad that you decided to use the TWS 950 after all and I'm glad that the commissioning obviously worked well and you got first results. The bus monitor is a great tool and opens a new view on the bus. It is not uncommon for users to want to configure the bus differently afterwards.

Deleting the history can only be done by resetting to the factory default settings, which may still be an option at this point. However, all previous settings will be lost.

However, we have understood that customers want a function to shorten the memory and therefore want a clean-up of the database. Unfortunately, this is not quite as simple as that, but it is on the wish list and one day we will implement it. First of all we will try to extend the communication capabilities of the Timberwolf server, like Modbus, MQTT etc.

Please tell us about your experiences and good luck

Stefan Werner
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Beitrag von BMaat »

Thank everyone for the fast response. The TWS specific timeseries is a good segestion. For now I re-arranged my power measurement GA's and still want to look at heating and weather. And then I will restart by using the factory reset and from that point on I'll just have to make sure not to re-use GA's.

Bit off topic.
My experience so far is great. I learned a lot, and I'm amazed on how user friendly it all is. And lots of good detailed documentation, thanks for that. Coming from a Loxone Miniserver on a mainly KNX installation, I have been looking into my power consumption for years. But Grafana adds so much more details and possibilities that I have even more insight now, in only 2 days... And where it takes me quite a lot of time to get the KNX data into Loxone and the 8GB I use is filling up quite fast, I only have a time amount of GA's in. What a wonderfull solution to use your ETS project and just have all. This is truely a great step up.
I still need to look into moving my 1-wire from Loxone to the TWS 950 and moving the 950 from my test bench to the final place. There it will be setup with 24V.

Though I use visualization from Elsner due to it's small form factor, I might also look into CometVisu...
DMX ...
So much more options to play with, I like it alot.
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Beitrag von Robert_Mini »

Hy Bastiaan!


In any case I would recommend to store data (from GA or 1wire) in time series. This is the only way you decide on the data you keep (or loose).
The KNX telegram buffer is not stored forever. Depending on the TWS model, the ring buffer is 100mio - 10billion telegrams if I remember correctly. This limitation is not activated so far, but at some time it will....

Time series are very efficient in memory usage, so don’t worry.

Best regards
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